Happy Thanksgiving!

A few of the many things I’m thankful for today:

– My family, who loves me unconditionally and brings me so much joy

– My friends, who put up with my craziness and always support me and stand by me

– My adorable Beagle, Cocoa, who makes me laugh with her expressions and antics

– A safe, comfortable place to come home to

– Abundance and variety of food

– The ability to run, be active and fit

– Good health

– Hot coffee after a morning run

– Sunrises and sunsets

– The changing colors of leaves in the fall

– Huge tumblers of water to keep me hydrated

– Sleeping in and reading in bed

– Making cookies and smelling them while they bake

– Our new screened-in porch that’s perfect for summer evenings

– Technology. Enough said.

– Meeting new people and making new friends

– Celebrating the holidays with people I love!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday with lots of fun times and delicious food! Β Goodnight!


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