Burnin’ Leg Workout!

This is what I’m planning for tomorrow morning’s workout – guaranteed to leave my legs burning! πŸ™‚



Complete 3 Sets:

15 Walking Lunges (each leg) – with barbell (40 lbs)

15 Back Squats – with barbell (40 lbs)

15 Lunges In Place (each leg) – holding dumbbells (15 lbs in each hand)

15 Front Squats – with barbell (40 lbs)



Complete 3 Sets:

15 Standing Calf Raises (on each leg) – hold 10 lbs dumbbells in each hand

15 Hamstring Ball Curls Β (do single leg curls to increase the intensity)

15 Hamstring Curls on Bench (strap on ankle weights for extra intensity)



15 Straight-leg Deadlifts – I use a 60lb – 70lb barbell

15 Step-ups on each leg – hold 10lb dumbbells in each hand to increase the intensity



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