Burnin’ Leg Workout!

This is what I’m planning for tomorrow morning’s workout – guaranteed to leave my legs burning! 🙂



Complete 3 Sets:

15 Walking Lunges (each leg) – with barbell (40 lbs)

15 Back Squats – with barbell (40 lbs)

15 Lunges In Place (each leg) – holding dumbbells (15 lbs in each hand)

15 Front Squats – with barbell (40 lbs)



Complete 3 Sets:

15 Standing Calf Raises (on each leg) – hold 10 lbs dumbbells in each hand

15 Hamstring Ball Curls  (do single leg curls to increase the intensity)

15 Hamstring Curls on Bench (strap on ankle weights for extra intensity)



15 Straight-leg Deadlifts – I use a 60lb – 70lb barbell

15 Step-ups on each leg – hold 10lb dumbbells in each hand to increase the intensity



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